Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Political battles

The Politico column today has a headline that call the Bennett victory in Colorado a victory for Obama and the De ms. I didn't quite understand it especially since Obama was there one time months ago.
Karl Rove this morning put a different spin on it which makes a lot of sense.
The Democratic primary had a President and former Pres on opposite sides of the campaign.It was a hard fought battle,and yet only 300,000-plus Democrats came out to vote.
On the Republican side, 407,000 plus came out to vote and the loser Norton scored more votes than the Dem winner. That enthusiasm gap is important as we head to Nov.

The contest in Connecticut was interesting on 2 fronts.
First Ted Lamont, who beat Joe Lieberman in the Dem.primary 4 years ago, lost in his battle for the Gubernatorial nomination.The left wing punished him for turning centrist.
Secondly the election of Linda McMahon in the Senate contest will make it a real battle with AG Blumenthal.She has the money and I am reminded of Jessie Ventura who went from the ring to the State Capital in I believe Mn.
It should be a competive race-don't be suprised by an upset