Monday, August 30, 2010


As a followup of the "Islamophobia" nonsense,Jonah Goldberg has published an interesting piece in the Aug 24th LA Times-entitled ISLAMOPHOBIA? NOT REALLY-
In every year since 9/11 he points out, many more Jews have been victims of hate crimes than Muslims.
It is the 70% of Americans who oppose the mosque who are victims of a climate of hate.An anti-Muslim backlash is a myth.

It will be intereting to see how Obama-Biden 2 opponents of the surge and Petraeus make believe George Bush was never there.

I read as many articles on the Beck rally that I could.Over and over was the issue of the color of the skin of the attendees."Almost all white" was the refrain .Yet I myself saw a few black families walking to the march.
Question.How many white faces were in the Sharpton rally?
The Beck rally was huge.I can't say whether it was 300,000 0r double that.The media tried to play it down.
Question- how many people in the Sharpton rally that he should get equal billing? 200 or a thousand?
I get nervous when I hear a mixture of religion and politics combined, even if it is kept sub-rosa.Nevertheless one cannot deny the underlying anger and frustration of the American people.
Lokking at Obama today, I think I felt an anger and frustration,that he cannot control the world or the Congress.After he spoke on the economy,the Dow fell another 50 or so points.