Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PA protest / JOE MILLER

The Jerusalem Post reports that PA police and security forces broke up a press conference of groups that are protesting the acceptance by Abbas of direct talks.If that is the way they approach "democracy" with their own people, how will they deal with Jews?
So far Bibi is playing it close to the vest re: the building freeze.I assume between Sept 2 and the 26th when no progress on security is made,he will feel free to say we must continue with building in Jerusalem.

Honestly I almost never heard of Joe Miller.His apparent upset victory in Alaska has shaken up the political world.I was quite friendly with Frank Murkowski when he was Senator.However the trick he pulled by appointing his daughter as his replacement,came back to haunt him when he lost to Palin, and now when Palin backed Miller in the Senate race.
Miller a Yale law school graduate , combat veteran and hero, and a Federal Judge.
If he can win, he will be a bright intelligent conservative voice in Washington.