Sunday, August 29, 2010

Radical vs Moderate Islam

One of the great fallacies in the war on Islamic terror,is that if we raise these people from poverty,and supply job opportunities,housing etc., they will not have time or a desire for terror.
The facts show otherwise.Osama Bin Laden comes from a mega-rich family with much social and economic power.His number 2 man is a physician.
Among the London bombers,were members of the medical profdession.(as were members of the Tokyo subway terrorists)
The Fort Hood shooter, was a phyusician and reached the rank of Major.One of those arrested this week in Canada in the bomb plot was a pathologist,who appeared on a " Canadian idol show".
These people are prime examples of individuals who have religious belief in radical Islam,hate our way of life and are prepared to destoy us if they can get away with it.
It is pure nonaense to believe that by protesting the mosque we help Al Quida membership applications.If we did nothing these people would still hate us and our way of life.
We talk of radical vs moderate Islam.My question is Does a moderate Muslim mean that they have not caught you yet being a radical?I hope not!We need to see moderates stand up and lead their people.
What we need to see is indivdual Muslims and groups really prove they are "moderate" by word and deed.That means Hamas,Hezbollah, Iranian radicalism, treatment of women ,terror, suicide attacks, and so on must be areas that demand their voices..