Sunday, August 08, 2010

same sex marriage./ Avraham Burg / the Kurds

There is a major difference between the battle to overturn the legality of the individual mandate in Obamacare, and the battle for gay marriage.
The health issue is a purely technical constitutional battle over the limits of the commerce clause of the constitution.While individuals,including most who have not looked at our constitution since High School ( if then ) can have opinions, mostly based on how this law affects me,and the scope of government.
Marriage is more than a constitutional issue. It is a moral all-encompassing relationship, that speaks to the very fabric of our society. It says that homosexuality is not only not an abhorrent lifestyle, but is an acceptable alternative lifestyle.It is NOT , and we should not accept the liberal media and Judges who want to foster their ideas upon us.
I am not for homophobia.Every person can live their life in whatever manner they see fit,but as "domestic partners" and not as husband and wife.
If in Jewish life, rhe reform and or the conservative clergy,or even Jewish communal groups are in accord,this in no way grants any ,more legitimacy to their views than to their other distorted ideas on our religion.

The news that Avraham Burg former Knesset Speaker is forming a new political party with Arabs,should come as no suprise to those who have followed his declining and dysfunctional career,Its hard to imagine how much lower the man can aspire to.

Jim Hoagland in the Washington Post attacks Obama for his lack of involvement and understanding of the ME. Besides Israel, he specifically discusses the Kurds, who number 5-6 Million,are 19% of the Iraqui population,and are pro-U.S. We have totally neglected them