Sunday, August 01, 2010

rockets again non-orthodox conversions

How can Israel negotiate with those who slam rockets into school buildings?The PA and Hamas are 2 extensions of the same cancer.One smiles as they plan to stab you.The other doesn't smile but simply vows to publicly destroy you and proceeds to shoot rockets into your civilian population.
The expos'e of Haim Ramon advising Abbas not to negotiate directly is another example of the dysfunctionality of the Israeli leadership.

I know what I am about to say will make people upset.The story of the women converted by a conservative "rabbi" in the US and not accepted by the rabbinate in Israel points out an important message.
If you were buying a name brand from an unauthorized dealer,you should be told the company may not give you the normal warranty.
When someone converts in America by the reform or conservative clergy they should honestly tell that person
a=if you ever go to Israel the conversion will probably not be accepted
b= if you have children who want to marry a traditional or orthodox person,the conversion will not be considered valid placing your childs relationship with their intended partner at risk..