Sunday, August 22, 2010


As the Sept 2 date of the WH conference with Israel and the PA comes close,we should keep in mind certain facts to help us understand the probable outcome.
Firstly, while, Israelis would like peace, they understand as the late Golda Meir stated- there never was a Palestinian nation, people or State.
2-Abbas is there from a position of weakness, without full support from all factions,especially the HAMAS .On the other hand Bibi did not give in on any pre-conditions including settlements.
3-If Bibi restarts builing in Jerusalem or beyond, Abbas is out of thre.If he doesn't he is in trouble with his coalition.
4-Border Security-this is key, and how can the US lecture Israel on border security, when we caNNOT SECURE OUR OWN BORDERS-MILLIONS COMING IN,WITH MILLIONS OF POUNDS OF DRUGS.Suppose those were nuclear weapons?
In addition the UN could not secure the Lebanese border from Syrian and Iranian smugglers.
Thus only Israeli security at the border can suffice-A NON_STARTER FOR ABBAS.
5- Jerusalem can never again be divided oe serve as the capitol of any entity or State-Again a PA non-starter.
6- Right of Return- As Pres.Bush noted-if the Palestinians have a State that is where their returnees belong.A Non-Starter for Israel.
7-Any Palestinian entity must be demilitarized - a no brainer, yet a non-starter for the PA.
8-A return to 1967 borders- a total impossibility-a non-starter for Israel
9- Agreeing that Israel is a Jewish State-If the PA won't agree there is no reason to proceed.
10- Any decision Bibi makes will be presented to the Israeli electorate for approval-Do you think the Israeli public will go along after giving back Gaza?
Thus not a very hopeful scenario.