Monday, August 09, 2010

Labanon / Arab poll

Israel is moving large forces of artillery and tank brigades to the Syrian-Lebanese borders,in order to warn Nasrallah ans Assad they are playing with fire.
Civilian cars have been told to avoid certain roads where the troop movement are taking place.
Shortly the UN report on the Hariri murder will come out,and it is expected to blame Syria.How this will affect the Lebanese leadership whose Prime Minister. is the son of the murdered Christian is not clear.

The Jerusalem Post has just published the Shibley Talhani poll
on Arab attitudes toward the U.S.
The results show that the Obama charm has not worked,Whereas one year ago Arabs were hopeful that Obama could bring peace (51% ) that is down to 16%
Whereas 1 year ago only 15% of Arabs were discouraged,that is up to 63%.
61% are disappointed in the US handling of the Arab-Israel conflict.
In Israel 4-10% of Israelis in a recent poll thought Obama was a friend.
The big winner was PM Erdogan of Turkey and the big loser in the poll-Obama.