Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Missouri vote

It is very hard to understand the logic of the WH after the Missouri vote.The answer that the people didn't support Obamacare is because they don't understand it doesn't hold water.
Firstly they debated this bill,for the good part of a yr.Secondly how can you force something so important through the Congress that changes our way of life,without public support, and without any real bipartisanship.At first when the people came to the town hall meetings they were treated like garbage.Then N.J.,Virginia changed Govs.,then Brown won in Mass.,and now 71% of a state that is a swing state has a referendum,and the answer is -ZERO.
The healthcare issue will be fought now on 2 fronts-the elections and the courts.And, they are interconnected.What with the Calif. same sex ruling, the Virginia health ruling, the Arizona SB-10 ruling all working their way up to the S.C.,the Reps. are going to be emphasizing how important is the composition of the Senate for Judicial approval.
The other excuse, is that there was a low turnout, and most of the action was on the Rep. side,Yes, but assuming every Rep. voter supported the issue,90,000 De ms and Independents did too.