Sunday, December 19, 2010


The passage of Don't ask Don't Tell of course is a major victory for the Left and Homosexual community.
In essence it is part of the efforts of the left to create an invincibility of the concept of "alternate Life Styles".as an acceptable way of life.
Despite the fact that Sen.Lieberman is an "orthodox" Jew, his decision to lead this battle,is purely his own and not representative of Jewish law.As to the issue itself,I believe that the Pentagon study was flawed.
Of course no one could object to having homosexuals as part of the Armed Forces,when they are in office jobs or in non-combat situations.There is no reason to discriminate against any human being ,provided their personal sexual preferences do not interfere with the mission.
Thus for example in the medical field as an example it would be unconscionable to discriminate against homosexuals.
However,if I own a 4 family home,and I have small children as well as renting out apartments,this is an entirely different matter.I don't want to expose my children or orthodox community to a way of life that the Torah considers an "abomination".
Similarly teaching children in grade school that "Johnie has 2 mommies or 2 daddies" is wrong and immoral.
The problem in the military is the combat scene.Men and women living in close quarters ,taking showers in open areas,using latrines that are open, to me is a practical problem.This view was shared by the poll when front line soldiers were asked their opinions.
This vote is a victory for the "driveby press" as Rush calls them,as well as a certain weariness by good people to stand up for their beliefs.