Thursday, December 30, 2010

Municipal slowdown /interim appointments

The failure to clean the streets of the Boros is apparently more than too much snow.Firstly, the entire cleanup effort should be investigated by the criminal justice system.
If as the charges seem to indicate that this was an organized union response that was orchestrated as punishment for budget cuts,then serious criminal charges should be brought against any and all of those involved.This should include firing, loss of pension and prosecution.
The death of people on specific streets because ambulances could not get through, represents manslaughter if proven.
Once the investigation really gets underway, the first reaction will be to deny everything.However, as in every criminal investigation there will be some who will come forward to tell the truth.When those who deny knowledge of the plot are brought before the grand jury,and threatened with perjury indictments,the facts will become clear.
The power of Municipal Unions has outlived their usefulness.They are bankrupting our society, and now if proven,the question is raised= have they placed our health and economic welfare in jeopardy?

The recess appointments of President Obama once again indicate his lack of understanding of the nature of the war on terror,as well as the futility of trying to appease Islamic terrorists, and supporters of Iran.
By appointing James Cole, who compared 9/11 to drug dealers,and bypassing the Senate on resuming relations with Syria, tell us that Obama is still the same-a Pintele Muslim.