Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jack Ganchrow-sports announcer / Jake Ratzker helps with snow tubing

The other day I received a phone call fro my mechutan Menno Ratzker to quickly turn on my computer.
The Yeshiva High School hockey League was featuring the team from Kushner (Livingston N J ) and TABC ( Torah Academy of Bergen County).We have grandchildren in both schools, and on both teams.
What was exciting was that TABC has a TV network (TABCTV.COM) which was broadcasting the games.More exciting was the fact that Jack Ganchrow ,from Teaneck, son of Banji and Ari, was the co-host for the 15 minute pre-game analysis and the game action, with Michael Hirt-whose father like Ari is a Monsey product.
Sheila and I were shocked to see Jack, dressed in a suit,holding the microphone and smoothly discussing the teams,players and other relevant sports information.They both spoke without a single hesitation,were extremely poised and looked totally professional.We were certainly proud.
For me it was a side of my grandson that I had never before seen.
I have commented before that the extra-curricular sports and other activities bears no resemblance to my days in yeshiva high school.

This week also, our grandson Jake Ratzker joined with his Kushner classmates to volunteer their time for an afternoon with special needs children who went snow Allie's Camp.
During the summer it has now become routine for special needs children to spend time in summer camps where our yeshiva kids attend.
NCSY and Yachad, as well as Our Way for the deaf,are just some of the programs that sensitize our young people to the needs of others less fortunate than them.
All of these programs ,and many more that are not publicized are training our young people to perform chesed-truly a noble cause.