Monday, January 31, 2011


A number of years ago I was a scholar-in-residence in the Hamptons .I remarked to Rabbi Mark Schneir that he had done a remarkable job in building a community.However I noted, what was missing was an eruv so that the women pushing carriages coming to the synagogue would not be violating sabbath law.
After a fitful start, a few weeks ago the orthodox community filed suit in Federal Court to force the local communities to issue the proper approvals.
Who is against this sffort? why Jews of course.Those who call themselve in the Jewish Week "the real Jews".
The attorney for the shul previously represented the successful eruv case in Tenafly.
The residents are worried that the orthodox will flood the neighborhood,force businesses to close on shabbat etc.How sad that our fellow Jews can be so self-hating and vicious.they will lose of course,because America is a tolerant society,even if these Jews cannot tolearate their co-religionists.

Todays Federal Court ruling of course is not the last say on Obamacare.It will come down to Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court-assuming the last Justice(Kagan) does not disqualify hearself baseed on her position as Soliciter General when thos law was considered.
Nevertheless this will further take the wind out of the sails of the Obama boondoggle.The Dems are attacking the Judge, however they were warned long ago that they were on slippery constitutional grounds,but laughed it off.