Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joe Lieberman / China / Gov. Christie appt.

I have mixed feelings about rhe reirement announcement of Sen. Joe Lieberman.He has been great on Israel related issues,as well as national security.Howevever he is basically a liberal at heart.
I recall the moment when he came over to me during an OU dinner in NY,and introduced himself.He was the Attorney-General of the state.He asked me for mmy support in his race for the Senate.I told him that we had to support Sen. Weicker an 18 year veteran with a great record on our issues.
Subsequently Sheila raised money for him,abd after his election we became close.He installed me as President of the OU.He is a straight shooter and an honest spokesman nfor whatever issue he supports.He will be missed .

Similarly, as President of HUVPAC, I Had a warm relationship with Sen. Kent Conrad.sHe is a decent and honest individual, that will be missed by the Senate and the country.

It is beyond belief,that Obama gave a State Dinner to Hu.What with currency manipulation,lack of human rights including jailing the Nobel winner,their lack of help on Iran and N. Korea and their belligerent attitude on military matters they did not deserve this honor,
Yes they are a powerful economic force,as I saw myself this year,however we should not think that we have lost our moral standards.
I recall sitting in a car in Beijing and asking our guide, a college student if she used Google,and she replied she never heard of it,

How about the announcement according to Steve Emersn, that Gov. Christie has nominated Sohail Mohammed,as a State Judge. According to Emerson he is a "mouthpiece for radical Islamic groups?