Monday, January 03, 2011


Congress is not back yet ,however the talking heads on cable are in full swing.
Much can be learned from the body language of liberals on MSNBC and CNN.In
discussing the attempt to repeal Obamacare,instead of discussing the feelings in the country etc,they belittle the GOP with the tact-why waste everyones time?-as though the elections never took place.
Then when some Republican is speaking,their eyebrows go up, a small smirky smile develops and a few other head maneuvers-all meant to imply-this guy is crazy.
And tonite when Mr ED, the MSNBC individual-(I don't want to honor him by saying he is a commentator)spoke of Cong-elect West a Fl black conservative Republican,he blasted him personally, for calling the Dems socialists etc.
The fight over the debt ceiling will be one of the most significant battles ,if the GOP sticks to its guns-demanding real progress in lowering the debt and spending.

I don't understand why all the fuss about the Navy Captain,who 4 years ago tried to loghten up the crew,away from home for many months with off-color humor.It seems that many on board, including women had no problems with this humor.