Thursday, January 06, 2011

Three generations / Labo0r's threat

This morning our grandson Jonah had his first aliya as a bar mitzva.We all dovened in his elemenary school-Yeshivat Noam.Our grandson Jack who was in the first graduating class last year, started with 50 kids in his class.Now they have 713 children-just beatiful to see.
As I said kaddish this morning in memory of my mother,I became emotional.because sitting right next to me were 2 generations-plus myself= 3 generations of individuals committed to Torah.

The threat of Labor to leave in a couple of months if there is no progress in "peace" talks,is a lot of baloney.
Firstly, an interim govt.,will be more r-wing
secondly-if elections are held,6 months minimum=nothing happening
Thirdly-Labor would probably lose seats in a new election.