Sunday, January 23, 2011

on to Disney /Turkel / Obama /Olbermann

Many years ago Sheila and I made that when the grandchildren are able to appreciate Disney, we would take them.Tonite we leave to make our 7th trip with Rachie and Hannah Ganchrow. Hopefully Elli will blog in my absence.

I am really sorry about Olbermann's leaving MSNBC, since it robs me of a few nitely laughs.I usually switch over during Fox commercials to see him Mr. Ed and Rachel Maddow for a quick "high" and laugh at their arrogant style.

The Turkel Report should come as no suprise -namely that IDF forces used their best behavior in capturing the Turkish ship.The crew and passengers were aiming for violence and confrontation.
Absent from the report,is the question of intelligence in preparing for the ship.They certainly could have been better prepared.

I have to laugh at the daily polling of the President's numbers.A calming speech, and a forced signing of the tax bill is not why voters turned away from his party.These cuurent numbers are transitory, until after the SOU.
When the Congress deals with the budget,health care budgetary matters,defecit reduction and the raising of the debt ceiling,we will see the partisan battles heat up,and then things may change.

I am no fan of Rahm Emanuel who is an arrogant pompous individual.However his opponent a former US Senator has a long history of anti-Israel rhetoric.(I FORGOT HER NAME FOR A SENIOR MOMENT).

If Obama fails to veto the Palestinian UN resolution on nsettlements,this will prove once and for all that the man is an enemy of Israel and our community.