Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Left never stops

When I was in high school and college,one of my greatest joys was serving on the debating team.I believe many people know that 2 members of our h.s. team were Avi Dershowitz (today Alan) and Steve Riskin (today Rabbi Shlomo).
Since the entire year colleges around the country debated the same topic ,we debated both sides of the issues.We were trained to think on our feet,and use any bit of informatiom pro or con to our advantage.
Today, we see that the Left,is prepared to mini-pick any bit of suspected slip-ups etc.,and attack the Republicans and especially conservatives.
Even if it makes no sense,--attack...attack perhaps something will stick-the old Goebbels technique of the big lie.
And so when this nut job in Arizona ,who watches no TV, does not vote,has no rational interest in politics strikes-within minutes the left comes out against Palin etc.This deranged individual probably never heard of Rush, Palin Savage Mark Levin etc,but so what attack---attack.
And when Palin thoughtfully responds and uses the slogan "blood-libel" attack again.
It was nice to see my old colleague Dershowitz stand up for reason.
But you know,America is not stupid,and these attacks will backfire.I would love to see a survey of how many time the Democratic campaigns have said they will "target" a certain district?
How many times have they cursed and wished death on Bush and Palin-without MSNBC blasting them ?
American politics has always been a rough game,and while it should not be so personal,lets have an even playing field.