Thursday, January 27, 2011


Taking 2 grandchildren to Disney is challenging and exciting-but yet a tremendous responsibility -especially when you get a little older.This was our 8th trip with grandchildren,and the crowds were the worst ever.On Mon. we arrived at 9.10 AM, but it took us over an hour to get into the park,since the monorail was down,and they had 2 boats which went one at a time.This was the first time we went in Yeshiva week,however since I needed a minyan.I had no choice.
Kudos to Chabad near Universal for 3 AM minyanim,as well as a mincha-maariv minyan.They also have a small resaurant connecting to the shul.
The worst complication was the weather up North,which caused cancellations of yesterdays and todays flights.In addition Tues.nite was a storm with a serious tornado warning.
One of the tricks of Disney, like the casinos, is to keep the world out of sight,and concetrate on your spending money for their products.Thus except for the SOU, which I watched at nite,the riots in Egypt were not on my radar.
The speech has been analyzed by many-but to me the most important non-domestic -non-discussed issues were Iran-Lebanon-nuclear blackmail by N. Korea,and ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM and the threate from groups non-AL- QUIDA.
I didn't do a search, but I wonder how many times Presidents have ommitted references to our relationship with ISRAEL in previous addresses for the SOU?
In short a weak campaign speech, which I actually thought was trite on many occasions-short on details and slogans from the past-without for example analyzing what a halt in spending really means in current dollars, vs. cutting levels to '08