Tuesday, January 11, 2011

gay toilets / a feeling for our democracy

How much more politically correct can you be than the announcement from Brazil that there will be GAY TOILETS AT CARNIVAL !

I am not a lawyer,however I know enough to realize that though it is a man-made document,and imperfect,our constitution has served us well.For a relatively young country, we have weathered wars, depressions and recessions, race riots and other problems primarily because we are a nation that lives by the of law.The anchor is our constitution.
Menbers of Congress raise their right hands and swear to uphold the constitution,as does our President and V.P..
Why therefore should Democrats make fun of the reading in the House Chamber?
Similarly President Obama took off from his jacket lapel a year ago, the American flag.Nor did he in the past place his right hand on his heart for the pledge of allegiance, when everyone else did.
Loyalty and a fgeeling fcor our country and our exceptioslism go hand in hand.Too bad many nDems don't get it!