Monday, January 10, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona

Obviously the shootings in Arizona is a disgrace and extremely sad for our country.
This is not because political discourse is so violent that right wing politicians and commentaters promoted this.To the contrary, spirited political debate is part of our tradition.
If you look at left wing demonstrations againt the Vietnam War,against Pres. Bush, against General Petraeus by,against Sarah Palin etc, you can easily match any "right wing outburst by a similar and more vicious left wing attack. Even Obama in the campaign said-if they bring "knives" then bring guns.
To insert political correctness into this episode by saying that calling someone a "socialist" IS OUT OF BOUNDS,-IS CRAZY.Many politicians and talking heads on left wing stations are proud socialists.
The bottom line, is that this is a deranged individual,thought by his former classmates to be a left-wing loonie. His agenda was not right wing, nor did the tea party play any role in his thinking.
That the NYT and othe left wing "thinkers" cannot get over their defeat in a fair election,makes finger pointing easy, even if not based on any facts.
This is not a time to panic,nor is this story,sad as it is worthy of continuous around the clock coverage with repetition ad nauseum.Sadly because of loose gun laws, and the number of crazies on the street,this will not be the last such episode in our country.However as in every such episode,the assassination of Lincoln,attempts to murder Truman and Reagan and the tragedies with Pres kennedy and his brother,our country does not remove our civil liberties.
Yes more security for Congress, but not to the point where contact with their constituencies is lost.