Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Democracy / Truth in campaigning

We are so fortunate to be able to live in this great democracy.In addition we mouth the concept that "democracy" is the ideal for every nation.However, without a feeling and training such as the rule of law,free press,equal rights for women, and the right of assembly, democracy cannot survive.
Thus when Condy Rice pressured Israel to allow election by the Palestinians,we got a huge Hamas victory.
It is important for the Egyptian military to maintain a semblance of order in the transition,and prevent the Moslem Brotherhood from causing havoc.
El Baredai has no constituency,having lived in Vienna,and the Brotherhood will coapt him.After 30m years Egyptians need jobs and honest govt,.then an itroduction nto real democracy

Many years ago when George Bush was Gov, of Texas,and was running for President,I was at an AIPAC officers meeting in a Washingto hotel.Someone announced Condoleeza Rice, then a foreign policy advisor to Bush was in the lobby,and they would try to get her to come down to speak to us.
After her talk,she invited questions.I asked bluntly" if Bush were elected,what would he do regarding the US embassy in Jerusalem?,and if she said he would move it,Why should I believe you?
She answered," the first day in office, he would start the process of moving the embassy to Jerusalem,and knowing Bush as she did,he never lies".
After the meeting she walked over to me and told me she appreciated the question.
This week, I read in Wikkileaks that she told Arab governments-don't listen to Presidential candidates who make promises on Jerusalem...to US voters!