Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Obamacare / Moslem Brotherhood /Father-Son

The strict party line vote by the Dems in the Senate to oppose repeal of Obamacare is part of the opening battle for the Senate in 2012.As I recall Gov. Manchin of W. Va while running for the seat of the late Harry Byrd,said he opposed Obamacare.He will now have to defend his vote and this unconstitutional legislation.
The two Sen Nelson's will likewise have to defend their votes in states with the people opposed to Obamacare.
I don't know why 1 side cannot approach the Supreme Court for an expedited hearing, and not wait years .

It now appears that when Obama went to Cairo, he invited the Moslem Brotherhood to attend his presentation.Now there are reports that the former US Ambassador to Egypt, sent by Obama to meet with Mubarak,met with the Brotherhood in the US embassy.Obama does not realize the fire he is playing with.

As a followup of last nites note on democracy in the area, we must make note of the obvious.Jordan, Syria and Saudia Arabia have leaders handed down from father to son.Egypt was about to do that before the demonstrations.This pattern has prevented the development of any viable democratic opposition-and we -the US wew and are a part of the problem.