Friday, February 25, 2011

Our clueless President

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

President Obama came out of hiding after four days of silence to announce that he had decided how he was going to react to the incredible events occurring in Libya- he was going to send Sec. of State Clinton to Geneva to meet with other diplomats. We may go to the UN for help as well and may even ask for Libya to be kicked off the Human Rights Council. Way to go Mr. President. With one of our all-time enemies on the ropes, Obama loses his voice. The world needs American leadership now more than ever. If only we had a leader worth listening to.
At the same time, Obama has decided that the Justice Department will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA defines marriage as an act between heterosexuals and frees one state from being required to honor the same-sex marriage conducted in another state. 39 states have laws based on DOMA. There are few issues which are bigger political losers than gay marriage. A clear majority in this country are against it and anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives always are passed, no matter the state (even California). If the President wants to make gay marriage an issue in 2012, all the better for the Republicans.