Thursday, December 16, 2010

More on silly season

I am of course as you know a Fox News junkie.However during commercial breaks in the evening,I switch to MSNBC.
Why? -for the laughs of course.
Mr Ed,(I assume no relationship to the talking horse) Olberman and Maddow are always yelling preaching and insulting.
I realized tonite that rich people must have some disease, as in a few minutes interlude,(on 2 occasions) the "rich" were attacked a dozen times by Mr Ed. It seems that they are polluting the world,because they are selfish and successful.
I am preparing for my weekly Torah class that I give in Delray tomorrow and in Boynton on Shabbat.
A major theme starting from Abraham to Isaac and Jacob is the passing not only of spiritual strength from generation to generation, but materialistic wealth.Thus this week, the blessings of Jacob to his sons, and future generations.
Yes you must give charity,and help an individual to get an honest job.Of course we help the widow and the orphan.
However, nowhere in our tradition is there wealth redistribution.
We all pray for wealth alongside of health and family success.
The Democrats in an act of anger over having lost the election, are lashing out with this last fling.
The voters will remember those who have forgotten the lessons on Nov.3rd