Monday, December 13, 2010


I was visiting my brother in Hollywood today and he showed me a book on the Yom Kippur war that stated that Kissinger was rebuffed by Nixon re. the sending of arms to Israel.(Kissinger a Jew, whose family lived through the Holocaust)
In fact the new tapes show a disgusting part of Kissinger's thinking-anti-Semitic and totally evil.He is Machiavellian as he plots to let Israel bleed a little,so they will be more pliable to US diplomacy.
If the Russians gas the Jews he states it is none of the US's problem.
Jewish emigration from the USSR again is not our concern.
It is interesting that the Torah portion of last week,shows Joseph with all the power of the State,yet he protects his fellow Jews.
Similarly Mordecai attains power,but his only goal is to protect his people.
Daniel the prophet,is put in the lions den and survives.He rises to the highest echelon of the crown-all directed to saving Jews.Henry Kissinger is no Joseph, Mordechai or Daniel. I have no kind words to describe him