Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tax Deal/Settlements

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

As if more evidence is needed of the White House's incompetance, Obama failed to get the Democratic caucus behind his deal before he announced it. After two years of policy failures, gaffes and mistakes, you would think Obama would try to get his act together. Apparently not.
On a related note, it was disappointing that Senator DeMint announced that he would not support the deal since it would add to the deficit. While his point is correct, this is a good deal for the Republicans which should be supported by the full caucus. For DeMint to hold out for a perfect deal is shortsighted and could backfire on the Republicans.

Speaking of policy failures, Obama finally gave up on his unhealthy obession with a settlement construction freeze. Why he decided to focus on this issue is anyone's guess but it did not add much to the search for an agreement between the parties. The focus needs to be on stopping Iran, disarming Hizballah and removing Hamas from Gaza. Those steps would bring peace to the region faster than any settlement construction freeze.