Sunday, January 15, 2012

Iran and Obama

The political battle between Israel and the Obama administration is heating up.
The fears in Israel over the Iranian nuclear program,have placed the govt. and commentators on the record warning that the time is getting close to a decision.
The closing of Dimona nuclear plant to ostensibly move nuclear material to a safer place sent warning signals to Washington,that Israel is serious.
This morning Deputy P.M. Moshe Yaalon who is a former Chief of Staff of the IDF,clearly stated that Israel is concerned with the pace of American pressure on Iran.The Obama team, would like to wait until after 2012 to see if sanctions on the Central Bank will work.Israel says that by end of this year,Iran will have a bomb.Yaalon attributed the Obama moves to election politics.(Remember the failure of Washington to react to the Iranian plot to kill diplomats in Washington)
This accusation may have been the straw that broke the camels back,because early this morning,Washington abruptly cancelled the largest joint operation-"austere Challenge 12" between the US and Israel.The reason..."budgetary".Yet the 9000 American troops have already landed in Israel.The early morning cancellation,and stupid excuse speaks to the refusal of Israel to commit itself not to attack Iran.
Israel is upset that the US condemned the killing of the nuclear scientist (as is Santorum).
Obama wants Israel to agree that if there is fighting,the Israelis should stay on the sidelines.Israel refuses to make any committments on this point,or a promise not to attack without US approval.
The Obama administration is also upset that Yaalon commended the Congress for a 100-0 vote,while Obama drags his feet.
Obama has to realize that no PM of Israel can preside over a second Holocaust.Israel is concerned that to wait to act until after the Nov. US elections might mean "suicide" for Israel.