Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I assume that one of the lessons of the Costa cruise ship disaster, is that lifeboat drills which up to now were mandated to be done within 24 hours of sailing will be done before the boat leaves the dock.
Most of the time passengers don't take these drills too seriously, and often fail to put on their life jackets properly.
This will surely change .
It is too early to know the cause,or to define the actions of the Captain and crew.However what we hear up to now is not a pretty picture.

Six years ago a small group of orthodox jews started a minyan in a home here in Boynton Beach.Subsequently 5 years ago they made the services in a home that was converted to a synagogue on the ground floor.Now as we work on our new building,we are having elections of officers.Under our constitution 6 years is the maximum limit for an officer in one position.
At present we have about 80 families, and more are moving into the area each week.
What is interesting is that the majority are in their 60's and still working.Their visits down to Boynton are for short periods.However with the prices of homes so depressed,it is a great time to buy.
Demographicxally in 10 years or so as these people retire and spend more time-or full-time here,the Boynton area,and our synagogue will be vibrant like the Boca Raton synagogue,which started out in a similar manner.
Thus for us this election is a milestone.