Tuesday, January 03, 2012


So far at 10 pm it is a 3 way tie. I AM NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS

We went out to eat at Golda's and of course you see people from all periods opf your life..
One lady who I did not really know, pulled up a chair and announced she is very worried about Iran-could I give her the scoop.
After a few minutes,she had many more questions,and I had friends at the table.I asked her -"are you really worried? " Oh yes!
Did you enjoy your dinner? Oh Yes!
I suggested that if she could enoy her main dish etc, Iran was not spoiling her appetite.!

Of course the new threats from Iran and Abbas signify their weaknesses.With Abbas.Bibi should hang tough.With Iran Obama should follow the letter of the new law on Central Bank sanctions