Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There are some anti-semites that throw molotov cocktails at synagogues,as we saw this week in Bergen County.Others talk about the "Israel Lobby".and we have commented on them.
Most of the time these are non-Jews with deep hatred in their heqrts for our land,people and way of life.
But what term do you apply to self-hating Jews such as Roni Brizon,a former Knesset member from Shinui.Mr Brizon writing in Ynet news,entitles his op-ed
"Country being hijacked".
Who is he refering to?
The country being hijacked is Israel.
By Whom?
Why the "ortho-fascist camp of course.
The enemies are a "radical-religious worldview" and a "religious fascist worldview".
Among their crimes."They see Israel itself as an apparatus of special holiness".
If it was not such a serious attack in an internet paper,I would think this man has flipped.
The lack of civility by the ultra-right snd ultra-left is sickening.