Thursday, January 12, 2012

Supreme Court / EU / Romney

The Supreme Court decision on Religious Freedom was a milestone for the Court.Basically the 9-0 verdict reverses an anti-religion bend of the Obama WH and the Holder Justice Dept.The court said that organized religions can set their own hiring practices free of Govt. interference.
Over the last few days a number of cases have been heard that could be decided against the Administrations desire to control our lives with rule after rule.These include the EPA case.Obamacare is on the docket,and these decisions will be exciting and controversial.

The Europeans have put forward another anti-Israel paper for discussion,without even asking Israel for a comment.They may feel better anong themselves,however it will not move the goal posts toward peace one iota.
Abbas has given the "talks" 2 more weeks before he does something radical-LIKE WHAT?

I have not been a Romney fan, because I question his conservatism.However the facts on the ground require some insight as to electability.
ABO-anyone but Obama- is a real goal.
However the attacks on Bain Capital represent a scorched earth policy.Yes we can talk about Mitt's role as Gov,his legislation and appointments.However his role in saving the Olympics and distressed companies with private funding is all in the best traditions of America.