Monday, January 23, 2012


A friend of mine berated Newt for his adulterous relations,saying how do we know it will not occur again?
I in no way excuse his personal life and misbehavior.
I have heard a number of time recently that what the country needs is for Bill Clinton to run again,for he would be elected by a landslide,
Wait a minute-from Jennifer Flowers to Monica Lewinsky, his personal life was of a serial womanizer.
JFK, another hero of the liberal media made the WH bedroom a rotating suite for his personal relationships.Of course the media who loved him,and knew very well of his sexcapades said nothing.
Martin Luther King for whom we have a national holiday falls into the same category.( Google-MLK and adultery). In 1989 the Rev. Ralph Abernathy wrote about MLK's "adulterous relationships".
The media place all 3 on a pedestal.In describing them as national heroes they overlook their personal baggage.
For Newt howevever, the main street media are shocked that even married women in S.C. went for Newt.("MUST BE A S.C. ABBERATION"!)

The story today is again "the establishment"-well they will have to get used to the fact that Mitt looks too much like Sen. Kerry-rich,WASP-like(even though a Mormon,) and stiff.Above all conservatives are looking for a street fighter that can deliver a knockout punch.
America is a right-center country and the NYT-Washington Post do not represent this constituency.Nor does ,ABC,CNN, MSNBC or CBS.
The early polls in Florida today show Newt ahead by 8 points.
I think that the 2 debates will prove the superiority of Newt as a conservative who can take punches,but give it back with double strength.

Tomorrow I will discuss Zbigniev Brezinski's article in Foreign Affairs Magazine and his new book "Strategic Vision".

By the way I think the next 3 days the media will be focusing on Mitt's tax returns and not on his battle with Newt.A seasoned campaigner shoud have realized this would be an issue and released them months ago.