Monday, January 16, 2012


I was turning the channels last nite and saw a report on CNN from Tehran.It was a pro-Iranian discussssion as to why there should not be an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Even in Israel the people and the experts are divided as to the proper approach.
However when he stated that Iran poses no threat to Israel,it was obviously an Iranian propaganda piece ,and CNN should have had at least a rebuttal or a foreign policy expert to present the facts as seen by Americans and Israelis.

We approach the S.C. primary, and we are looking at a Mitt sweep-at least at this moment.As I have listened over and over again to Mitt,I have become more relaxed and supportive of his candidacy.
Yes he was a moderate as Gov. of Mass.however being that it is a left-left -center population with a Democratic legislature during his govornership, all that us not suprising.
However on national security, defense, Israel, jobs the economy and so on he is right on target.While I will not vote early in the Fla primary,that is the direction I am heading.
Incidentally the editorial in the Boston paper on Ms Elizebeth Warren's wealth, her huge salaries, membership on boards and expensive home shows she is not among the 99%.She is running for the Dem Senatorial nomination against Sen. Brown.

There is a news item from England, that someone wants to publish Mein Kampf in English.Res Ipsi loquitor-the matter speaks for itself.