Sunday, August 16, 2009

J Street / Sen. Kennedy

Congratulations to the Muslim groups,indididuals and fellow travelers , who were able to find a political action committee-lobby that represented their point of view, without having to go to form one.In addition it is calles"pro-Israel", and the laft loves it.A terrific way to undermine Israel from within.
I refer to the report in the Jerusalem Post that outline the contributors to J Street.They are pro-Israel,like I am pro_Hamas.
I know it is dificult to do,but the Conf. of Pres. should introduce a resolution,that they will not participate in White House meetings with J Street in attendance.It's bad enough to have the Israel Policy Forum and Peace Now,which are not representative bodies, but at least there is a smell of Zionism, even if tainted by the left-wing ,but J St. is beyond the pale.
Don't misunderstand me if I could prevent the latter 2 from being included (when you have a left -wing Administratioin) I would.

Notice that when charges are made within the health debate, the administration doensn't answer the charges,but attack the motives of the questioners.
I have not heard how you can add 45 million new individuals,and yet have no corresponding rise in the number of doctors etc, not add additional funding and yet wind up without rationing.
Nor have I heard a rational answer( or even irrational one) to the fact that Sen. Kennedy who is obviously in the terminal stage of his disease,is aged and yet insists on being treated with expensive modalities.He should lead by example,go into Hospice, take an Asparin and say his daily prayers.Isn't that on tap for mere mortals under Obamacare?