Thursday, August 06, 2009

Clunkers / Nadiv Tamir /Big Brother

The clunker legislation passed today,has a few additional negatives beyond those which have been discussed.
It hurts poor people.because many of these clunkers would have been sold to people who cannot afford a new or more recent car.These cars were often in great condition.
It hurts legitimate charities, who accepted old cars for tax deductions.Some are down 75%
A number of years ago the WSJ and law enforcement uncovered a racket, where the proceeds of these SALES WERE GOING NOT TO CHARITIES,BUT FOR PRIVATE USE.I wish the NYS A-G would look at the plethora of such ADS ON RADIO TO ASSESS THEIR LEGITIMACY.

Every Israeli is entitled to criticize the govt of Israel.However when that criticism comes from the Consul-General in Boston, and the attack on Netanyahu is public,then Nedev Tamir should resign.Surely a private memo to his boss would have sufficed.This current public attack is unacceptable.(he blasted Bibi's battle with Obama)

The message from the W.H. for Americans to e-mail them if they hear or see "fishy disinformation on healthcare is most un-american.I hope their e-mails are swamped with nonsense.Nevertheless "big- brother " is not the way we handle public debate,and the President should apologize.
Will these reports be turned over to the FBI? IRS?