Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Changing Political Winds

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

My father is traveling so here is a quick thought- The downturn in the polls in Obama's approval rating, which was first detected by Rasmussen Reports, is now being backed up by other pollsters. The last few weeks have been a disaster for a White House that is being exposed as a bunch of incompetent neophytes. The mishandling of the Gates/Crowley fiasco is further evidence of a President and White House that lacks focus. They are trying to accomplish too much in too short an amount of time and so far have only the "stimulus" package to show for it. Democrats are starting to pay attention. As reported by the NY Times, freshman Democrats are not interested in getting voted out en massse as happened in 1994. Polls show tough races for Chris Dodd and Barbara Boxer in the bluest of blue states. RealClearPolitics qotes a National Journal survey showing that 10 of the top 16 most vulnerable House members are now Democrats. The next 6 months will bring votes on a Carbon Tax and socialized medicine, as well as talks with Iran and a closure of the Guantanamo prison. These are not parts of the agenda which will be too popular in most of the country. Democrats are expected to lose the New Jersey governor's race in November and are trailing in the Virginia governor's race as well. Don't be surprised to see more and more Democrats put up road blocks in front of the Obama agenda. Its amazing how fast things change in Washington.