Thursday, July 30, 2009

Euthanasia-Obama style

Maybe it is poetic justice for a physician to have his computer infected with almost fatal worms and other dreadful assaults on my poor machine,who I ask very little of.Of course you realize how dependent we become on the moment by moment internet news that complements perhaps supplements much of cable news.For days CNN and AC-360 only stress Michael Jackson,and they keep advertising "Black in America" which is an old series.MSNBC, sounds like the cheering squad for Obama,telling their guests to work harder for the "public option".Of course there is very little news on the ME.Anyways we are back,although Sun-Mon we drive back to NJ.

The real intentions of the Obama health plan were clearly enunciated by the Pres. in answer to a question regarding a womans mother who at age 100 was turned down initally for a pacemaker,despite being spry.She is now 5 years post-pacemaker and still spry.Would his bill deny her mother coverage.?The shocking answer, was that perhaps she should take a pain -killer.
Firstly, a pain killer won't touch cardiac arrythmias.Secondly he urged consultatsions about end of life.I do not want the government telling me that perhaps you should suffer ,or take Demerol and not try to alleviate the problem.
Not euthanasia in the classic form,which is mercy-killing-NO this is where you withold treatment, allow for increased suffering,and gently push the person to enter a hospice,proclaim a DNR (do not resuscitate) and pray for an early and pain free death.

We now have a government push on obesity.They have come to the conclusion that individuals cannot lose weight on their own, and therefore the govt. should start controlling what we can put in our mouths., or what can be sold without additional taxes.TAX, TAX AND MORE TAX.

If your parents were obese going back generations,or your metabolism is slower,or you don't like athletics-too bad- a-la Nazi Germany,we want blue-eyed, tall,thin perfect specimens who will not bring added expenses to healthcare.Never mind that G-d created us differently.Oh yes, next we will examine your DNA at birth,and if you have a gene for breast cancer,alzheimers or obesity you will be taxed even more.This is the beginning of big brother, with no end in sight.
If you are 50 and need a hip relacement, the govt. watchdog will say since you have 25 years to live and the operation and rehab will come to $100,000 that is $4,000 PER YEAR-OK.However if you are 75,and have 10 years left,perhaps you are expendable, and stick to the pain meds,wheelchair and hospice.

I am going to call AARP and complain.If you do not need to belong to maintain my healthcare I will quit. they certainly don't represent seniors.One number I have for customer relations is 202-434-3635