Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chilul Hashem (desecration of G-d''s mame ) / Keep attacking the Reps ? /. Another MAD ?

I was on an exercise machine,when the news of the arrest of " Rabbis" involved in international money laundering and the sale of human organs was announced.As these people were being led handcuffed into FBI hdqtrs,I started to have tears in my eyes.The Tzitzith flying, the big black hat and the velvet yarmulke made me cringe.
Yes ,everyone is innocent until proven guilty,however these arrests bring great shame to the "orthodox brand".
The web site which reports on the "yeshiva world" commented that there would be a gathering to say Thillim(psalms) for the arrested Rabbis.
We should say thillim to ask the almighty to forgive us that there are many who for the sake of money and power bring shame on his Torah and community.
Of course we hope that the families of the accused will be protected from public scorn.
However,it is time for the yeshiva world to start stressing to their students ethics and total honesty in dealing with our governments and the world-Jewish and gentile.

It is hard to understand why the President keeps attacking Republicans for the failure of his health care boondoggle. He has 60 votes in the Senate, as well as a huge House majority.His attacks are a diversion to hide the fact that the public is rising up against these concepts.The history of the President so far is to yell that Congress must pass each agenda item before the weekend or the sky will fall in.The stimulus (?) was an example.
He is sayng,pass this before you get home to speak to your constituents!
I wonder why?

The Sec. Clinton remark about a Persian Gulf umbrella, while probably a slip of the tongue,is another piece of evidence that the US will accept a nuclear Iran,and base our defense on MAD-MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION. Does anyone really believe that Obama will raise a finger to respond to a nuclear threat or attack by Iran on Israel?
Clearly it will be up to Israel to protect itself!