Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health Care

This morning in synagogue, a retired surgeon, who was and is well known in NYC for his cancer work cane over to me and clearly stated the obvious.
"Aren't you happy that you will not have to practice under the new Obama health care?"
Whether it passes or not and whether cap and tax passes , it is obvious that America is undergoing a massive shift to the left toward socialism.
I have witnessed medical care in Europe,and Israel and gave observed from a distance the Canadian system,and I cannot be happy for the future.
We are talking about rationing care,perhaps not year one,but eventually.The worst group of citizens to be affected will be seniors.
Oh you're 75.. it is not cost effective to treat your tumor so aggressively!

Of course there must be reform,especially of the malpractice arena.
Last Jan. hospitalized for less tha 24 hours in Delray hospital.The bill $21,810, including $4 for a baby aspirin.
E.R. visit $1496 and so on.
The prices they charge are off the wall,and difficult to follow.
The bottom line,is that the Dems have become the party of spend, tax and defecits even as the economy tanks..
Can they get away with it for another 3 or 7 years?