Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama foreign policy

As you watch the dramatic press conference from India today you realize the Obama-Clinton policies have not gotten off the ground.
The Obama thesis as he stood in Berlin,was that he could almost walk on water.His popularity, smooth talk and cool approach would change all the actors in the world,once he got involved.
Climate control,the end of nuclear weapons,rapproachment with Iran,a ME solution and so on.
Just examine the last few weeks.

N. Korea is going on its merry way with rockets and nuclear tests.The newest US tact is to ignore them.I guess that will prevent them from exporting nuclear products to the bad guys!

Honduras- we are in bed with Chavez against the forces of democracy-read todays WSJ op-ed.

India-today said in effect "you want to hurt your population with cap and trade-fine, but count us out.

China-likewise no interest in mandatory cap and trade-minimal help on N. Korea.(who still hold 2 US women in captivity)

Iran- a crooked election,street demonsrations that we did not know (and still don't) how to respond to and now the govt. blames the US.-net result -no changes.

Israel- public pressure on Bibi,and a resultant increase in PA demands on Jerusalem housing.
The end point-no talks, no Saudi positive intervention,and only 6% of Israelis ( 1 month ago ) now think the US is pro-Israel .

Russia-same old Putin-talk on nuclear reduction. But as Iran and N Korea move to greater nuclear arms, will Japan ,S. Korea, Egypt and the whole ME be far behind?

Not a great record!