Wednesday, July 08, 2009

OBAMA-CHAVEZ? / Rev Al-a survivor

As we drove down to Florida, we had an an opportunity to listen to much talk radio. Most of it very repititous and very conservative.
There was one lady however who set me thinking.She raised the question as to whether our Pres. is supporting the ousted Pres. of Honduras, who is usurping the rule of law, for the following reason.Like Chavez, the Honduran Pres. would like to be Pres. for Life.Is this a hidden Obama goal?

You have to love the Rev. Al. From the ashes of Tawana Brawley with the suits against him,he is all over.The WH, City Hall, cable TV and now as confidant of our dear departed Michael.
He is a survivor, and makes the Rev. Jackson look like an amateur.
America is safe in his hands!