Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jewish citizens in Palestine

Salaam Fayad is a very bright leader.The PM of the PA is beloved by the West primarily because he has a reputation for honesty and competence.Thus his statement today that if a Palestinian State were created and Jews wish to live there ,they would have full citizen rights in a manner similar to Israeli Arabs.
Sounds nice,and the audience applauded.
The problem is that historically since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal despite periods of amity,the Jew has been treated as a dhimmi.It is not because of good treatment,that a million Jews escaped from Arab-Moslem lands almost penniless, to Israel. Remember the desecrations of Jewish Holy places by the Jordanians, and these same Palestinians that will occupy his "State"..
Jews can prosper if the King wills it.Thus in Morrocco, there is a Jewish community with synagogues and yeshivoth.
Mr. Fayad however is no King,and actually is hated by Hamas.Who knows how long he will be alive or in office.His opinion while welcome,do not represent either any elected body,or the 'body politic'.
He knows well what will make headlines in newspapers,and he thus suceeded.Let's not jump to conclusions.

Tomorrow I drive to Florida for a month.Hopefully will resume on Wed.(unless my son blogs in the interim)