Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Elliot Ganchrow writes:

Here are a couple of quick thoughts:

The Obama team is running out of time with respect to people's patience as it relates to the economy. While people are not yet blaming the administration for the lack of a recovery, it won't be too long until such finger pointing will begin. Much was made of the stimulus package that the Democrats rammed through Congress a few monthes ago, yet it is apparent that the package has had no (or little) positive effect on the economy. That vote, along with the recent vote on a Carbon tax, should be enough to start making Democrats in swing districts/states nervous. Take a look at Obama's approval rating in Ohio which was released today and you will note an approval rating of 49%. His national numbers have been sagging over the last month as well. It is time for Obama to deliver on the economy.

Colin Powell is a great American, was a terrible Secretary of State, and was an even worse Republican. It is was fairly obvious last year that Powell's allegiances switched to the Democratic Party after he publicly endorsed Obama. Obama's platform was (and continues to be) made up of extremist, leftist positions (including socialized medicine, a Carbon taxes, raising taxes on the middle and upper class, appointing activist judges, nationalizing private industry, closing Guantanamo, pressuring Israel, coddling N. Korea and Iran etc.). These are not positions which should make even the most moderate Republican comfortable. Powell's recent comments in support of Obama's appointment of the liberal federal judge Sonia Sotomoyor is further evidence that Powell's next stop should be at the Board of Elections to change his voting registration. I don't mind Powell appearing on Sunday talk shows- just don't pretend to be a Republican.