Thursday, July 09, 2009

mea culpa / Foggy Bottom

The President is once again on his Mea Culpa tour. Now it is our role in global warming,that faux-science that seeks to punish the accomplishments of American technology and industry.In his race to rid the world of all ills,he has undertaken to do everything at once,regardless of the economy or the fate of our defecit.If India and China are not on board,then this whole cap and tax is just a charade.
It would appear, that the left wing is meeting some resistance from those colleagues that come from marginal districts or states.The latter will have to defend the taxes on energy, the loss of their relationships with their private doctors and its eventual rationing of care,especially for seniors. The legislative battle is underway, and the longer these issues take to resolve,the more pressure will be brought to bear to kill all of these socialist anti-capitalist one-world ideas(as we get closer to election season)'.

The granting of permission for 1350 Iraqi-Palestinians to come to the US makes no sense.They were not given citizenship by their fellow-arabs,and they were supporters of Saddam Hussein.What overiding need will be served to bring these people to our shores?