Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lockerbie bomber / VA medicine / Iranian nonsense

I am happy to read this morning that Scottish authorities will not consider a humanitarian release for the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber.
We lost a great Jewish leader on Pam Am 103 .The treasurer of the OU Joseph Miller A'H was a victim,and of course his family and the community grieve to this day.
The terrorists had no compassion for these innocent civilians and it it is not improbable that one of the victims might have had a terminal disease,and they were returning to live the remaining days with family.
I assume if the bomber is returned to Libya, he will rercieve a heroes welcome,reigniting all the hurt and pain of the victims families.
He deserves zero in consideration.

One of the eventual byproducts of Obamacare,is that all physicians will be govt. employees.I recall as a medical student I rotated through the Chicago VA Hospital.I was able to contrast the work ethic and medical care with Cook County, Michael Reese,Mount Sinai-Chicago and a fourth that slips my mind.
It is not a question of pure patient care.A VA is a typical govt. workplace.You have your later arrival ,early end of day set time for lunch,coffee break and a totally different atmosphere than the others where the tension and pace forced the doctors to work to their full capacity.
Then having close to 3 decades of private practice,and seeing my colleagues make rounds before 7AM, work nites and weekends you question will this be the work ethic under Obamacare.?
When you realize that in addition govt. panels, made up of HS graduates reading from a set of guidelines will determine who gets which expensive test,the end results are clear.AN 8 MONTH WAIT FOR A COLONOSCOPY, A 1 YEAR WAIT FOR A HERNIA REPAIR AND SO ON.
I do not mean to imply that VA doctors are inferior,to the contrary they have time for meetings and conferences.However they chose that medical atmosphere for a purpose- no competition,minimal pressure and a steady salary.That is fine for some.
Of course the physicians at institutions lile Mayo etc. are from the brightest,who are eager to shine by writing papers,doing research excelling in teaching and moving up the academic ladder.They often are appointed to head Departments in hospitals across the land.

It is funny that Iran wants to convene a conference that will outlaw attacks on nuclear facilities.........N. Korea should be a co-sponsor!
You can fill in your own thoughts.