Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ras Al Amoud / Obamacare?

I am so proud to read that 104 Jewish housing units will be built in Ras Al Amoud.As Ou Pres., I went to the PM to lobby him in this regard.In time through the effoerts of many people and the determin ation of the pioneers who are rebuilding the old city and all of Jerusalem -Ateret Kohanim and Mutti Dan,this is a reality.

Tomorrow we leave for 8 days in Ireland,and hopefully my son will blog.

I saw a comment that one way to reduce costs is to pay physicians by the DIAGNOSIS (A TOTAL BILL FOR ALL CARE) This implied one check for all physicians involvedin a case.
This potential brought to mind a scenario, where a dozen generalist,specialist and super- specialists all treating an ill patient .
Now in a teaching hospital, with doctors on salary , or where a portion of their earned money goes into a pool,there would be little problem.However in a communty hospial with fee for service,who would get the check? who would divide the check? who would rerpresent unhappy doctors who felt they were underpaid?How would you get doctors out in the middle of the night,when they remember that the last time this physician called for a consult,after 3 visits and much aggravation he netted 50 dollars?Would doctors be paid for cecretarial help to divide the chec k?