Tuesday, August 18, 2009

listening to the voters.

I once had a classmate in H.S. and College who often did not READ THE GEMORRAH (TALMUD) correctly. The students would yell out,and the rebbi wouild try to correct him.
No no! said the indignant student "azu hob ich gement" (that is exactly what I meant).
The class laughed,because this was not a one time occurrence.
Politicians want to know why the public does not trust them-well just watch them as they twist and turn as a story unfolds.
'Public option" is indispensable"
"I never said PO is endespensaBLE"
and so it goes on.
Politicians think the public are fools.But, it was quite intersting to see how well informed citizen are, as they were interviewed at malls and county fairs.
The ruling class mistrusts the voters moe than the voters mistrust them.
It is clear that most of the Congressmen came without any intent on listening to what their contituents want.
Will there be a PRICE TO PAY IN 2210-WE SHALL SEE.