Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Judge Mukasey / Sen Pryor

Michael Mukasey,the new nominee for Attorney General, not only attended Ramaz School-the Orthodox Day School in Manhattan,but attended Camp Massad ,the religious Zionist Camp in Pa. His wife was also headmistress in Ramaz.
As a conservative,I was rooting for the appointment of Ted Olsen.I felt that even if it required an interim appointment,the President should not allow the Dems to push him around.The WSJ enumerated all the modern A-G's who were party stalwarts, including Bobby K.
Nevertheless, Judge Mukasey,looks like a great choice!


The appearance of Senator Mark Pryor at our home Sun evening was a pleasant suprise.I had never met him before,and was moved by his warm personality and outgoing mannerisms.More importantly he was the opposite of the totally partisan politician, that we see so often rushing to the TV in Washington,to denounce and attack the opposition.
I was impressed that immediately after Joe Lieberman's primary defeat,Pryor rushed to help him financially. He is a moderate, middle of the roader on the Iraq war,but a great friend of Israel