Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Olmert Rice and N. Korea //Checkpoints causing terror volunteers

It is quite amazing! 300 Kassams last month aimed at Sderot,six children hospitalized after having been involved in a rocket attack that caused mental trauma,and Olmert is giving away the store.
He talks about releasing 100 Palestinian prisoners as a good will gesture-How about the release of Shalit and the other soldiers as a Palestinian "gesture"?
The Winograd report is preparing to place certain officials on notice of impending charges,but Olmert talks in secret about changing the border of the Negev.
Olmert has little public support,but is prepared to re-divide JERUSALEM.
Abbas has not prepared his people for a single Palestinian concession.
In two areas, Sec Rice and the Administration are putting the cart before the horse.
In N. Korea, the hopes of a nuclear free Korean peninsula would be a blessing.However, N. Korea has promised this before.It took us eight years to find out that they were cheating.Why do we not wait for the North to carry out its promises before we remove them from the list of terror states.?Why give them all the oil and food so early in the process?
Let them prove themselves and then be rewarded.
Similarly only Guliani has understood the essence of Palestinian motives and methods.There is no reason to advocate a two-state solution,until and unless the Palestinians adopt the rule of law, disarm all terror groups, renounce violence and agree to the end of the "right of return".
Until then, the P.M. should resist American pressure,and concentrate on protecting his citizens ,including Sderot.


In an op-ed in todays Jer-Post,Seth Freeman writes that the checkpoints harden the hearts of the Palestinians,and are a cause of terror volunteers.
I would like to remind young Mr Freedman,that Arab fighters massacred Jews in Palestine long before there were checkpoints,settlements,a State,an Army or an "occupation".
The Torah tells us that Eisav hates and seeks to destroy Yaakov.Travel to the Gush and visit the museum,or to Yad Veshem ,and understand -it has always been this way=and always will be!